Friday, September 4, 2009

Let's See Now....

If they confuse us enough we'll give up, right? I hope not. You cannot explain the unexplainable. I want to try in a very short space to explain what I know of the U. S. Constitution. I am not a constitutional scholar, but I can grasp concepts pretty well when I study them. The reason things seem so hard to understand today is because we have strayed so far a field from the original intent of our governing document, logical arguments are no longer viable. Go back to the writings of our founding fathers and see what they intended. They were trying to form a government to help the various United States succeed. They did not want a controlling central government, but rather one that facilitated the exercise of free commerce and freedom from outside oppression. They chose a representative form of government where all would be heard from. The federal government was to;

A. Provide for National Security.
B. Regulate interstate commerce.
C. Manufacture our currency.
D. Tax us to pay for the services rendered.

The welfare of the populace outside these four areas was to be reserved for the States. All of the functions of the federal government were to facilitate our growth and prosperity.

Here are some areas the founding fathers never intended the federal government to meddle in:

A. Education
B. Welfare
C. The Arts
D. The Environment
E. Health Care
F. The private ownership of Firearms
G. The control of privately owned lands
H. Energy
I. Other areas reserved solely for the States.
J. Global concerns unless it relates to National Security.

The government was never intended to have its representatives be primarily lawyers. It was designed to have a well rounded group from all career groups to come for a limited time and serve their country. Politics was not intended as a life long occupation.

Crafty lawyers and gifted political pontificators have convinced a gullible American public of the legitimacy and necessity for their benevolent actions throughout our history. In periods of great economic stress, or conversely in periods of peace and prosperity these social engineers have chopped out footholds on the backs of the taxpayers to push their own personally lucrative agendas forward in the name of the common good. Our own malaise and indifference to their actions has exacerbated the problem to its current unsustainable position.

We have finally awakened and decided to take our civic responsibility seriously, and we are being scoffed at by the people we sent to serve us. We are being labeled by those who desire to maintain the status quo, in an effort to discourage our continued participation in the process.

What should we do?

Hold the line. Stand firm. Vote out those who have made Washington, D.C. their home. If your representatives are maligning you, vote them out. Whatever your political party, find good people who are willing to give up several years of their lives to represent you. Change the laws so that we the people set their salaries and benefits, and make it impossible for any lawmaker to exempt himself from the laws he passes. Limit their terms and find fresh people with good common sense. Don't accept government handouts. They are all being paid for by the taxpaying segment of the population. Do without if you have to.

Resend all the current legislation that is not within the original purview of the U. S. Constitution and find new ways within the various State governments to address social problems.

Resend all governmental racial classifications.

Balance the budget. If we don't have the money, don't spend the money.

Resend all foreign assistance until our own Treasury is back in order.

Stop illegal immigration. Forcefully administer all laws related to the same.

Reduce taxes and do away with our current unreadable tax code and go for a simpler system.

Be responsible in your civic duties, and consider your fellowman in your business dealings.

All U. S. citizens should have equal standing in all legislation passed by our law makers.

Expell all peoples who have as their stated purpose the destruction of our way of life.

Those are my general thoughts on the matter. You may wish to add your own in the comments section. Pappy

The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution. - Bertrand Russell