Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson

I didn't know this South Carolina representative's name before last night. Now he is the subject of all sorts of righteous indignation from the Democrat side of the aisle. His single word outburst "Liar", or something to that effect, during President Obama's speech last evening may not have been the best political move ever, but it certainly was the echo of what was being screamed at the television screen by thousands, perhaps millions, of thinking Americans around this great land of ours.

I have provided you with all the evidence I can think of in the last few weeks from all sorts of sources and have tried to make sense of it all in my commentary. Bottom line; The supporters of these most recent efforts at shoving a Health Care/Health Insurance reform bill down our throats are lying. I can't say it much plainer than that. Joe Wilson may have said it at the wrong time, but he spoke the truth. I think people in all political subdivisions, races, and career paths are beginning to realize the big trouble our country is in because of this administration. They are speaking out and telling their representatives the truth. When you are accustomed to parroting the party line, the truth hurts. It negates all the pablum talking point letters and speeches made by these blind pundits. So, in typical Democrat fashion (they wrote the book on civil disobedience and mud slinging politics) they lash out with all sorts of lies, denials, and counter allegations. I think working Americans in all realms are realizing we are being screwed in a huge way by the Oligarchy in and around the White House. I think rank and file union members are breaking with their Organized Crime controlled leadership and joining the every expanding ranks of taxpayers who are saying "We know what you are doing and we won't stand for it any longer."

None of this legislation should even be considered. I don't care what your political leanings are, it is all unconstitutional. We shouldn't even be arguing about this. The government has no business at all in business, health care, education, the Arts, the environment, or anything outside its limited scope of duties outlined in our U. S. Constitution. Reform should come from the silent segment of our population who rarely raises its voice. We should police the purveyors of goods and services ourselves with no government intervention what so ever. Responsible doctors and lawyers should police their own ranks. Responsible insurance companies should provide the goods and services they are contracted to provide, and responsible business owners should strive for quality goods and exemplary service to their customers. Responsible citizens should be the watch dogs over the whole process and should use their support to move good business forward, and their withdrawal of support to get rid of bad businesses. If we all acted responsibly then we would have no need for labor unions.

I'm all for increasing my level of participation. We just need the federal government to get out of the way. Remember, these guys work for us. No matter how much they name call and malign the working man, they work for him. They are there to serve him. Never forget that. When it comes election time, remember who is causing us trouble right now and cast your vote to get rid of them. If you are intimidated by thugs, identify them, take their pictures, and find out who they work for. We already have laws on the books to cover this type of behavior. If like Joe Wilson, your emotions get the best of you and you have to shout, shout the truth. More people are listing every day.

If a thing isn't worth saying, you sing it.
Pierre Beaumarchais