Monday, September 14, 2009

The Alleged Cure All

Here is what "the Obama" is now selling. I've been gone for a few days and away from news of any significance. When I returned home, I noticed "the Prentender" is still in office. Some things are going to take a little longer than we would like. No more Van Jones, No more Acorn, and the realization by the Obama White House that Joe Wilson was indeed right in his comment to the president. They have adjusted their figures on the uninsured to delete the illegal aliens in this country. I have yet to see the president apologize to Representative Wilson. When California tried to legislate the illegals out of their system, the courts put them right back in. Illegals now crowd our free clinics and emergency rooms and are affored health care our own folks who have worked and paid for cannot receive. Don't believe for one minute they won't be a major financial drain on any bill regarding heath care run by the federal government.

It was the legislation regarding immigration pushed through by the late Senator Edward Kennedy that caused the illegal immigration mess we have today. That was passed with numerous promises of a smoother and more workable immigration program. The real outcome was one of the biggest government screw-ups in history. Go figure.

I do understand that some judge in California is going to hear arguments concerning Obama's legal qualifications to hold the office of President. I'm interested to see how this will play out. More and more dirty laundry is being aired by the former governor of Illinois. It seems that most of the major players now in the White House, or on staff, were involved in the picking of Obama's replacement when he became president. This should also provide an interesting look at the under belly of Chicago politics and the president's role in making it all happen.

Even though the press is not covering the 9-12-09 protests in Washington, D. C. properly, it was refreshing to see a sea of caring Americans making their collective voices heard. It is no longer a protest by party affiliation, but rather people with good business and common sense who have had enough of the lies, uncontrolled spending, and over taxation of all working Americans. I plan to join my local group on as many occasions as possible to continue the pressure. I would love to see a clean house in 2010.

I think our next project should be to get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I think Mrs. Pelosi's wranglings on behalf of her husband should be enough to get the ball rolling. I really think the movement to cleanse the White House is gaining momentum and should continue without let up.

In great affairs men show themselves as they wish to be seen; in small things they show themselves as they are.
Nicholas Chamfort