Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, Stanley, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into.

We are in a mess. Our government is out of control. I think it is time to shut this train down. An unvetted President who refuses to allow his background information to be examined is only a teleprompted figure head. 36 Czars and counting who have managed to avoid the FBI background checks, and are exempt from vetting by Congress are calling the shots without challenge. The U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to neuter our intelligence community while the President says he is not in favor of doing so. There has to be some provision in the interest of National Security for stopping this coup. This whole movement to bankrupt the treasury and plunge the U. S. economy into ruin is designed to create a mega crisis where people will be forced to depend on the only people who have any funds left and those will be the labor unions and the elitist Oligarchy controlling the government. We can't let this happen. The American people can stop this shadowy revolution if we try. Stop taking the tax money they are throwing around and put the fear of God in your representatives.

Shut down the labor Unions.

Shut down the funds to Community Organizers like Acorn.

Pass legislation to retroactively outlaw Czars.

Don't participate in any stimulus programs.

Don't purchase products from companies receiving stimulus money.

Create new banks to drive the current institutions out of business.

Start paying as you go.

Pay for all of your office visits to the doctor out of pocket and have insurance only for catastrophic events.

Form new Insurance Companies with realistic guidelines and reasonable charges.

Remove government regulation from every possible area not specifically granted them by the U. S. Constitution.

Lower taxes.

Never forget who is doing this to us.

Be responsible citizens.

Be reasonable businessmen and women who take a profit, but don't rob the people who are their customers.

The time has come for some tough love.

Let the States provide sustenance for only those who truly need it and only for a moderate amount of time.

Keep the pressure on Washington, D. C. until they can't operate anymore. Make them responsive to the people they were elected to serve.

Make a list of all those politicians who are maligning the American voting populace and defeat them at the polls as soon as possible. (Regardless of party affiliation)

Pay careful attention to what your president is reading. "The Post American World"

Pay attention to the people he is taking advice from.

This crash isn't going to take long.

Pray to the God of this Universe to intercede on our behalf.

A good friend of mine sent this to me. It should give you pause.

You know, after income, sales, SSN,Medicare, property taxes etc, I am keeping just a tad over 50% in my pocket. Seems to me that if 10% is good enough for the Lord, it darn sure ought to be good enough for the government.

I was talking to an old state police buddy of mine last week and he was telling me that he had gone into private investigative work after he retired. He specialized in oil field investigations and after a few years was doing quite well; however, his net profits became so low he went to see his CPA. The CPA told him he was simply making too much money and didn't have enough write offs. As a result, he could only expect 35 to 40 cents on the dollar as net. As a result, he simply shut his business down and went home.

Now isn't that a hell of a mess? It really provides incentive, doesn't it?