Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something Fishy Here.

Something "fishy" is going on at this blog site. I understand the White House just ordered all Americans to report any "fishy" sites to the DNC for immediate action. Well this site currently qualifies. So, all you good little soldiers of the king get those fingers working, This post is going to be "fishy."

The Catch

I used to take a short cane pole

and head out for the creek

where tannin colored water ran

like iced tea over white soft sand.

It pooled in bends or near felled

trees in deep black holes where

fishes hid.

With weight and hook

and wiggling worm

I’d drop my line and watch the

bobbing bobber disappear

when fish would bite

and take their flight to

wrap my line around some

hidden snag.

Dennis Price

I found two pictures of 1954 Willys coupes. This one was the best.

White rain,

water chain,

to spring,

then lake,

lazy moon to take

from sky to mist.

Dennis Price

Now wasn't that "fishy"?