Thursday, August 27, 2009

Run, Fat Boy, Run

Two weeks (that's fourteen days) have passed and I'm still here. I started walking an hour every morning. I already gave up caffeine. I'm trying to find something to give me a little spark.

Then, this past Tuesday, I started to jog. On lap three of my four lap regimen I forced my legs to start a rudimentary striding movement just above the level of a walk. It was early morning and dark outside except for the small areas lit by the street lights. The street lamps seemed to be swaying, and I noticed a few lights coming on in homes around our neighborhood. I'm not sure how far from the epicenter the shock waves could be felt, but close in it seemed to be causing a stir. As I rounded the corner and slowed again to a walk my neighbor John came outside with his camera and said, "I'm going to get a picture of this."

As I turned to face him, the outflow of my breath fogged the lens of his camera and I was able to escape without being placed on Facebook. I alternated between walking and jogging and was on the final lap when once again I passed John's house. I thought I was clear, but he came riding out of his garage on an old Huffy Cruiser pedaling hard while holding a digital camera in his right hand. He rode up beside me and snapped away. I was in the zone.

I repeated the pattern this morning. I know scripture foretells an increase in earthquakes in the latter days, but if you have been experiencing minor tremors this week don't worry. It could be me. I am hungry now and already thinking about a nap. It's not ever 8:00 A.M. yet.