Friday, August 21, 2009

Our 41st

I guess you noticed the blogosphere was absent one dissident for a few days. It was our anniversary and we took a short 40 minute ride over to South Padre Island for a few days. The photo above shows the $1,000,000 + modular homes at Outdoor Resorts near the Brownsville ship channel in Port Isabel, Texas. We were on a dolphin watch tour and Bebe thought you might like to see what kind of modular home you can get for that kind of money.
It was our 41st anniversary. While the Democrats were taking a breather, we were romping in the surf on the gulf side of the island and watching the sun set on the bay side.
Bebe is amazing. She has managed to tolerate me for over 41 years. I've had trouble doing that myself. She still looks wonderful.
Looking across the Laguna Madre you can see the brown pelicans on the posts in front of the skyline of South Padre Island. I am reloading with more information on our friends the Democrats and will probably start posting again later today.