Thursday, July 16, 2009

To The Moon Alice....!

All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income. - Samuel Butler

The famous words of Ralph Cramden come to mind when I think of current events. What an interesting response (though limited) to a picture of a Canadian sandstone outcropping. An abstract image with no comment that moved many to draw their own conclusions about its purpose.

To the Moon

The tracks were laid

right to the Moon,

so Alice took the train.

She finally reached her limit

of hearing Ralph complain.

Dennis Price

I went to our local appraisal district office the other day to complain about the assessment on my property. Before my formal hearing, a young man asked me to try and explain my complaint to him and perhaps avoid going before the board. I produced my photos and tax documents taken largely from their web site, along with my calculations, and explained them all in detail. At the end he scratched his head and said, "That made my head itch." I ended up having to go before the board. I guess my presentation made their collective heads itch too, but they lowered the assessment to near what I was asking for. Much is wrong with our system of assessing and collecting taxes, and more is wrong with how they are spent. I know many of you tire of hearing and seeing what I post because it will make your head itch. However, when I read the defense statements in comments and rebuttals to articles appearing in the local paper, I am appalled that opponents of conservative thinking can do nothing more than accuse. No real rebuttal is offered - only criticism, denial, and the popular accusation of racism to divert attention from the fact that there is no rebuttal. The U. S. government and people who can't make it without being given an unfair advantage are the ones constantly drawing attention to race. I have found most people who have worked hard and not considered their government classification (and I include all races) do not bring it up. Most of us could care less who is sitting next to us or working with us as long as they are pulling their weight. I'm sure many from the groups classified by the government as "protected classes" feel slighted when they make the grade without assistance but are seen as members of the "protected class" along with others who were given position without earning it. It is very evident, when the latter group reach positions of responsibility where their actions affect others, that the system is in error. But, when people who are paying attention shed light on the obvious deficiencies they are maligned and accused of being narrow minded and racist. Never mind that their observations are right on the money.

I know you didn't know I left for a minute, but I decided to scan the headlines from the "Media" sources. What a crock of nothing that was. More sycophantic drivel from the mindless mob. If you can clear away the pond scum on the top and reach down into the dark waters, you can find meaningful sources. Dig deep.