Friday, July 24, 2009

A Temporary Fix

I received this picture this morning and it was so cogent I just had to use it. I can't stand to listen to the eloquent lies and half truths of President Bro. Bama anymore. I never liked him, but not for reasons related to his half race. I didn't like him because, after thirty years of listening to lies, I realized early on he had no problem bending and spinning the truth. What he said sounded good, but it meant nothing. If he is not a sociopath, he has a sociopathic personality disorder. I know he carries a big chip on his shoulder against the white segment of our population and now has begun to feel comfortable enough to start spouting his racist bilge from the podium of the presidency. The verbiage related to the plight of black Americans bellowed from the pulpits of leeches like Jerimiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton is the verbiage now echoed by radical black academics and our own president. It played well during the early sixties and made these men rich when pockets of racial mistreatment still existed. Now it is hackneyed redundancy left over in the hearts and minds of those who would perpetuate the plight of those who have chosen to remain on the plantation of welfare while blaming everyone else for their lowly position in life. They pay good money in homage to the racist leaders who line their healthy bank accounts with donations and tax dollars. The paychecks of these do-nothing-good maligners of our great nation would dry up if there were caps on the length of time any one person could stay on the dole. As long as we allow one or two races to perpetuate the myth that they are being held back by the rest of us, no justice will be done in this country. No race, in this day and age, should be given any consideration not afforded the rest of the population. It is long past time to re-level the playing field and raise the expectations for all who participate. This one action would do more to create an atmosphere conducive to achievement than all the bail out programs anyone could come up with. It would also save untold trillions of tax dollars. I think it is high time for our representative and judicial branches to call the executive branch to task. Prove you are legitimate or get out. The people of this great nation are shouting from the roof-tops demanding to be heard. It is time to stop taking the little blue government payoffs as a temporary fix for a problem that is too complex to fix by throwing freshly printed money at it. The negative side effects far outweigh the temporary euphoria and they last longer.

Every man is wise when attacked by a mad dog; fewer when pursued by a mad woman; only the wisest survive when attacked by a mad notion.
Robertson Davies