Friday, July 31, 2009

President Obeerma.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Obama sat down for a beer at the White House Thursday night with a top African-American professor and the police officer who arrested him earlier this month.

Sgt. James Crowley and professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. sat down with the president and vice president Thursday.

Sgt. James Crowley and professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. sat down with the president and vice president Thursday.

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They were joined by a previously unannounced guest, Vice President Joe Biden.

Sgt. James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates Jr., both dressed in suits, sat down with Obama and Biden, who both had their white dress shirt sleeves rolled up.

Video from the meeting showed mugs of beer being delivered to the men, who sat at a round table at the edge of the White House's Rose Garden, munching peanuts and pretzels from silver bowls.

The president was drinking Bud Light, Biden was drinking Buckler (a nonalcoholic beer), Gates was drinking Samuel Adams Light and Crowley was drinking Blue Moon.

After the meeting, Crowley told reporters that the men had a "cordial and productive discussion," in which they agreed to move forward rather than dwell on past events. Video Watch Crowley discuss his visit »

He said he and Gates plan to meet again and will speak by telephone to finalize details in the coming days. Both men bring different perspectives, he said, but he would like to hear more about Gates' views.

"It was a private discussion. It was a frank discussion," Crowley said of the meeting, but would not divulge specifics except to say that no one apologized.

Gates was arrested July 16 and accused of disorderly conduct after police responded to a report of a possible burglary at his Boston-area home. The charge was later dropped. The incident sparked a debate about racial profiling and police procedures.

After the meeting, the renowned Harvard professor reflected on the significance of the event and thanked Obama for arranging the meeting.

I know you were all thrilled by the "Beer Summit". What a wonderful way to further prove to the people of the United States that, as president, you are not only stupid, but arrogantly stupid. Not one apology from the idiot who managed to take a misdemeanor arrest and turn it into an international racial incident. Now that I've read the accounts of the situation, I have formed an opinion. I wasn't there, but I know enough about this type of thing to believe my opinion is probably correct. They had to drag in Joe Biden last minute to have a token white guy to balance out the table and make it appear they weren't going two up on the white police Sargent.

Let me give you some names of well know people of means who have made a living on stirring up racial (black) strife; Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama. Of course you could probably fill out the page with others just from the D.C. area alone.

I polled several retired officers I know and asked them to try and remember incidents in arrest situations where they were told, "You are only arresting me because I'm _________." I asked them to fill in the blank using any governmental racial designation they needed. Their answers were not restricted to only one response. To a man they said, "black." That's the way I remember it too. I was called a lot of names, given a lot of reasons, and occasionally had to use force to effect the arrest, but the only time anyone used their race in an attempt to muddy the water and cause officers to doubt themselves, the black race was involved. I arrested a lot of black people who didn't use it too. Only those who were coached by community organizers, radical black academics, and others set on keeping racial disharmony alive, (or who had witnessed other arrestees use the tactic) tried the same themselves.

I doubt very seriously if the phrase is used when black officers respond and make an arrest of another black.

I have never heard a white arrestee say to a black police officer, "The only reason you are arresting me is because I'm white."

Obama is very familiar with the tactic, having worked as a community organizer in Chicago. The job of community organizers is to stir up trouble among whatever poor inner-city population they are assigned in an effort to later sign up these malcontents as voters and get them to support some candidate who promises to take care of all their problems. If the hand picked candidate is elected, he becomes rich and powerful and the poor ignorant mutts who put him there are left with the same problems they've always had.

Obama and his ilk are not after racial harmony. If they ever achieved it, their jobs and bank accounts would dry up. They are out for retribution and revenge. Oh, I know, they never say it that way, but if you look at their actions instead of listening to their words you get the picture. Very few people who work for their money, regardless of race, creed, or national origin, are prone to complain because of who or what they are. They may address working conditions, salaries, and other fixable issues, but they don't sit on their butts and let the rest of us support them and then complain that they are poor and mistreated because of their skin color.

Outside the occasional radical academic, or former community organizer turned president, the majority of the people using such tactics are low life criminals who have been caught breaking the law. They are being arrested for being criminals. If I were an academic, I sure wouldn't use statistics that show my race was involved in and arrested for a disproportional number of crimes to support the ridiculous claim it is based on targeting a specific race.

The truth is, the poor populations who occupy the inner cities, live off welfare, and drive away anyone with any initiative are predominantly black. They also commit the type of visible street crime that most often leads to arrest and conviction. They are not arrested because they are black, but because they are criminals. Many non-blacks who share these areas are also arrested when they violate the law. However, they don't use the "race card" to try and beat the rap. This is, as far as I can tell, a tactic reserved for "blacks only."

The President's surly comments about the arresting officer in the Gate's misdemeanor arrest were slander. He didn't know one thing about what really happened. He should have apologized to the officer and the department and let it drop. But Nooooo, he had to spend untold thousands of tax dollars and embarrass us once again with his stupidity. Can you imagine what that little beer session cost the tax payer, and for what? His administration has been in office less than two hundred days, but it feels like decades. Someone with some backbone, and sufficient political clout to get the job done, needs to open a major investigation into the veracity of the man who now occupies the highest office in the land. I don't think his paper mache image would stand up under the magnifying glass.

The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.
Henry Kissinger