Friday, July 10, 2009

Just Thinking

In this oil on canvas by Joelle Smith entitled "Just Thinking", the old cowboy is alone with his faithful horse free from the interference of modern technology. People who can find such places to spend some time can experience the clarity of thought needed to make tough decisions. I have brief moments of silence to form thoughts on all things I believe would benefit from my input. Finding someone to listen who can actually do something about it is the toughest part of the equation to effect change.

California is bankrupt and yet the city of Los Angeles spent 1.4 million dollars on the funeral of Michael Jackson.

GM is out of bankruptcy in record time. Wonder how that happened? They will now become the government owned and run "Green Car" producer. If you think motorcycles are dangerous, just wait until you are driving a car brought to you by the same people who drove California into bankruptcy and then came to the federal side and ruined our economy.

I never liked or watched David Letterman. I couldn't find anything funny in what he did or said. I stand by my original judgement.

I don't like Fox News for the same reason I don't like the other News networks. We shouldn't have to settle for news from a network just because it is "not as bad as the rest of them."

I don't like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel, or the Reverend Wright. If they were white they would be behind bars. Hate Speech crimes do not apply to protected classes.

I still believe BHO is not constitutionally qualified to be president, and I'm wondering why the CIA is not investigating him as a foreign agent. Look who is alleging the CIA misled Congress. an appointee of BHO, Leon Panetta. I wonder why? Could it be to protect the ridiculous allegations of Nancy Pelosi? If I were in charge of the CIA, the traitors in our legislature wouldn't get one smidgen of classified information. Since we don't really know who our president is or where he came from, he wouldn't have access either. If you complain and want someone to take a look at the situation your go to man is U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Guess who appointed him?

Europe and Australia are abandoning their socialist policies as abysmal failures. Under our current leadership we are charging full steam ahead into certain failure on a major scale. Fortunately some "Blue Dog" Democrats are balking at this unbridled and illegal move to bring down the U. S. Thanks to those of you who are holding the line.

Why have comedians suddenly become candidates for serious political commentary and public office? Al Franken is a joke. I've noticed several talk shows who routinely feature comedians in their commentary. The clowns have taken over the circus.

What happens to the Labor Unions when cap and trade destroys all the jobs in the U. S. and no one is working?

While we choke our economy with governmental bailouts and stifling regulations, those countries to whom we outsource our production jobs continue polluting at record levels. The real science of carbon pollution by man indicates no real significant increase in the levels of greenhouse gases and no evidence at all that it is connected to global warming. In fact, recent studies indicate a trend toward global cooling. This is all about making a one world government that will take care of everyone. We already tried this at Babel.

Al Gore is more boring and less funny than David Letterman.

We now have HD TV and the clearest picture we've ever experienced. But, we don't have anything worth watching. Hundreds of channels (more than half of which are in a foreign language) and programming so offensive your kids can't watch it. Numerous channels of "radio with a still picture, pay for view, and "Adult" channels to round out the fare. Oh yes, I forgot Sports and Music channels full of content also not suitable for children. I am of the opinion that children have much better standards for programming than adults.

Every morning is the dawn
of a new error.