Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Texas Independence Ride

The trusty two wheeled steed sits parked at the end of the walkway to the Fannin memorial with its wall containing the names of those who lost their lives at Goliad in the battle for Texas Independence.  The grass will not be mowed until the wild flowers have gone to seed.
This is the County Courthouse in Cuero, Texas.  Most Texas counties have old courthouses like those featured in this post.
This photo was taken on the square in Goliad, Texas.  The hanging tree is still visible on the Courthouse grounds and the Hanging Tree Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.
The County Courthouse in Goliad, Texas.  
The County Courthouse in Gonzalez, Texas.  
The old three story jailhouse in Gonzalez, Texas still has the gallows on the second floor.  The last man hanged on these gallows was in 1921.  He proclaimed his innocence until his death and placed a curse on the town just before the trap door opened.  After his death, the courthouse was struck by lightning on three seperate occasions and the clock was never right after that.   The jail was in use until 1975.  During a freeze in 1975, the jail got so cold, the sheriff told the three prisoners housed there to go home on Friday and come back on Monday.  They all showed up again on Monday as requested.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
Steven Wright