Saturday, May 16, 2009

Speechless Speaker

Nancy Pelosi,  third in line of succession to the throne of the United States.  Let's see, how does that go?  King Obama the Illegal, Joe "I just can't get it right" Biden, and Nancy "I was never briefed" Pelosi.  As an American citizen you should be concerned.  From the Granola State, California, and the City of Brotherly Brotherly and Sisterly Sisterly love, San Francisco, we have been graced with Nancy Pelosi, an Italian-American.  She is the Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives and she can remember that she was briefed by a staffer that a briefing was to be held to discuss methods of extracting information from captured terrorists.  But, she says she was never briefed on anything but the briefing, and the C.I.A. is lying if they say she was.  Does she really want to pick a fight with the C.I.A.?  Do you think they might find out things about her nobody knows and somehow leak it to the press?  That's not the point.  We are being manipulated by the politicians who want us to look at what they have in this hand that will make us forget what they have in the other hand.  I think she should have been gone a long time ago. She is an absolute buffoon.  As for that matter, so is Joe Biden and his Illegal Royal Hineyness, Barack Hussein Obama.  It is time for a Royal flush in D.C.  Should any sensitive information be given to anyone who refuses to tell the American people who he is?  Most of those guys in the C.I.A. had to provide the government with a complete personal history to include names, dates, and places of people who could verify all their activities from birth to the present date.  Our President has spent almost a million dollars of donated money to keep us from finding out exactly who he is and where he is from.  So, why not sacrifice Nancy Pelosi?  I hope they turn her inside out and hang her from the yardarm on a ship bound for Somalia.  

At the same time we have officials at the University of Notre Dame, a Catholic institution, calling for the arrest of their own members for protesting a commencement speech by Obama.  Why? Because our president is probably the least sensitive person to ever hold the office when it comes to his feelings for babies who have yet to be born.  The right to life is one of the most basic beliefs of the Catholic Church.  So, why did so many Catholics vote for the man?  They did in huge numbers here in the Texas Rio Grande Valley where most are "good" Catholics.  They are also undereducated, and participate in every give away program the federal government offers.  So, those who would keep them enslaved, the rich Democrat politicians, told them how to vote.  While some priests and other good people were being dragged off to jail, the main stream media was filling the airways with news of Nancy Pelosi.

If we had anyone who did not first consider their own cozy nest, maybe we could pull the head off this snake.  Take the head and the snake may flop around until sundown, but it will be still by morning.  Please, someone with some stroke in D.C. go after Obama.  Are we without statesmen, or judges who have a hair on their butts?  Our illegal president is continuing his unconstitutional push to change the judiciary and all the United States Attorneys who are not in lock step with his sweeping social changes.  This is not how our government was designed to run.  Sure, get Nancy Pelosi,  but don't let the others go either.  Get the tax cheats, the moral midgets, the liars, and the globalists and run them out of our nation's Capitol.  Let's use Nancy Pelosi as the first step in climbing out of the mire in Washington, D.C.  

Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking, unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved to write a book.
Edward Gibbon