Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"When I works, I works hard.  When I plays, I plays hard.  When I thinks, I goes to sleep."  Anonymous

I know you have to be asking yourself, how can he continue blogging at this rate and not burn out?  Well, I'm going to share my secret.  Like any warrior, I have to re-load occasionally.  May has brought us temperatures in the near 100 range and the pool is my late afternoon haven. The forcast holds no sign of rain and a continuation of the summer like heat.  I have tons of great material lined up, but I needed to see something else for a change.  Bebe and I are on a two day fruit only eating program to cleanse body and mind.  I decided to write a poem to fit the occasion.  



I lay adrift in an azure pool

with arms out stretched

in weightlessness

and shut my eyes behind

my shades

and gazed through eyelids

red with blood at

changing patterns light and dark.


The sun bore down

from cloudless sky

gulf breezes slowly

turned me round

and I could feel

my skin turn brown

as afternoon slipped into night

and with it every troubling thought

faded on the gentle swells.

Dennis Price



I lay adrift in