Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Backlash

Have you ever been fishing and have one of these?  It is called a "backlash".  These are not as common today as they were years ago because reels are built with a variety of  "backlash" preventers.  One may still get a "backlash" if the reel continues to move after the line has stopped.  A skilled fisherman can use his thumb to control the reel as the line is fed out during a cast, but an amateur will spend a lot of time trying to undo the tangle of line my dad used to call a "birdnest".

America is in for a backlash.  Our amateur president, Barack Hussein Obama, has grabbed the handle of the government fishing pole and heaved it with all his might.  He forgot to put his thumb on the reel.  Soon the the bait will reach the water and the inertia of the reel will continue to move, but the line will stop.  We are in for a major backlash.  My dad used to chide me for not paying attention to what I was doing as he tried to undo the tangle.  While he was struggling with the mess I made, he could not fish.  So, the major fish catcher in the family was out of commission while he fixed my mess.  Do you see any parallels here?  Those of us with experience and common sense are going to be left to undo the backlash long after our non-citizen president is gone.  He is being urged on by other amateur fishermen who don't know the fist thing about fishing and who can't see the utility of actually catching fish.

First One Hundred Days and counting tangles to be undone;

Major government growth and spending.
Hate crime and hate speech legislation.
Loss of global respect.
Senseless environmental restrictions.
Rampant gun control legislation.
Increased health care regulations and interference.
Reckless handling of National Security.
Demoralizing our Intelligence Community.
Utter disregard for the Constitution.
Out of control taxation.
Pandering to aberrant segments of society.
Uncontrolled illegal immigration.
Government control of Banking, Investment, and Industry.
Pandering to unrealistic demands by Labor Unions.
Legalizing assisted death of the helpless for convenience.
Pandering to Muslim extremist.
Pandering to Communist despots.
Watering down our military strength.
Laws designed to punish political opponents.
Disregard for State's Rights.
Creating greater class and racial discord.
Weakening the private sector.
Strengthening the Oligarchy.

I could go on with an endless list.  This is what happens when the uneducated and emotionally blinded voters from our inner cities work their magic in an election.  One day it must be corrected.  Sooner would be better than later, but we seem to lack Statesmen with sufficient backbone to get the job done.  Our fat cats don't want to disturb the comfortable nest they have made for themselves.  So much for productive fishing.  Meanwhile our president and his media lap dogs laugh at the hate filled rantings of a black lesbian comedienne.  The hate speech regulations do not apply when the hate speech is coming from blacks, or aberrant sexual groups and is aimed at soldiers, whites, or political conservatives.  Could Justice be so blind?  

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
Thomas A. Edison