Monday, April 27, 2009

History Revisited

1934 Political cartoon.  Note the similarities, right down to the major universities who turn out these Utopian thinkers.  Looks good on paper, so it must be the way to go.  The problem with the theories is they've been tried in other countries with disasterous results.  Now, we have an oligarchy in Washington, D.C. who would force feed us these programs and have us believe that history will not repeat itself.  Somehow the methods of economic recovery foisted by the academic elite and their power brokers (Crooked Politicians) are suddenly going to work for us. How foolish can you get?  It simply doesn't work.  Solution:  Cut taxes,  cut governmental regulation, cut the government work force, eliminate unconstitutional governmental agencies, and get spending back within a workable budget.  Difficult choices must be made and cost cutting measures implemented in order to turn the tide.   Our great country can make it through the tough times, but we have got to take some drastic measures to get things back under control.