Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are You Puzzled?

Are you puzzled?  I often am these days.  I keep wondering how stupid can the politicians be?  I wonder how much good it does to post the truth day after day and have our alleged representatives sell us down the river?  Our president seems oblivious to the ways of the world and prances around like a little child turned loose in the candy shop.  Pandora's Box has been cast wide open and all the minor imps we have kept contained all these years are peeking over the top.  I know the answers, but I'm not sure if most folks are ready for them.  So many in our country want an easy out solution.  We must not offend any aberrant group.  We must include all regardless of how damaging they are to our freedom.  We must allow government to meet our every need.  Friends, it cannot be so.  There are rules to be obeyed both morally and physically if we are to survive.  Ignoring our problems will not make them go away.  Making aberrant behaviors legal will not stop them from happening.  If you make bank robbery legal, it doesn't decrease the number of bank robberies, it only causes the arrests for bank robbery to cease.  You money is still gone.  Pseudo science is being preached as global truth while legitimate scientists are refuting the lies and being ignored.  Many say they don't like to talk about these controversial issues because they might offend someone.  Albert Einstein (a guy known to be smarter than me) said,  It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs.   I worte a poem once to highlight my angst.  I hope you enjoy it.

Life Questions

Little Jack Horner

stands in a corner

and ponders,

all alone.


What if a room

is round?

What can a cat do



Roam around

until he is tired,

then fall down?

Will he make a



Who would know

if he’s all alone?

An air mallet

beating a xylophone

won’t keep you

up at night.


A single thread will

never be twine.

If there is no


does light really



A solitary sentinel

with no one to guard.

So what if he stands

there stiff as a board?

Dennis Price