Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Acorns from the Oak

I received this photograph yesterday from a family member who is really diligent in researching and finding new information about our history.  Rev. Thomas Price is my great, great, grandfather.  He is pictured here with his wife Maria Dale.  Thomas Price died in 1897, so the photo is prior to that date.  
My father is the young man on the back row second from the left.  His father (my grandfather) is on the end of the same row (far right).  The elderly man seated in the center of the grouping holding the young child is my great grandpa James (the son of Thomas and Maria) (Probably taken in the early to middle thirties)
And in this photo, Pappy.  Someday a great great grandson or daughter will post this old digital photo and comment on the funny clothing and dated furniture.  "Wonder why their pants were two different colors?  Just thought we could use some comedic relief today.  My daughter said she could see a resemblance.  Bebe said not to go any further with the comparisons.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.