Friday, February 13, 2009

Still Vibratin'

Hey I got an award while I was gone. Bz over at Mosquitoes Buzz likes my political incorrectness. Here's what she said,

"Dennis Price at Pappy's Balderdash for showing Attitude. Yes, he's not politically correct, but hey, I get enough of that with the network news."

Thanks Bz I will display it proudly.

You have to be a rider to understand. You saw the picture of my bike when I started right? This is what it felt like when I got back. I have been trying to decide if I need to invest in a real touring bike or just stay with the Cruiser/Tourer I've created. I've decided, I need a real Tourer with the Stereo, drink holder, cruise control, fairing, trunk, and all the other goodies. It took me nearly eight hours to get to my mothers yesterday. I did stop and shop at a motorcycle store in Corpus Christi on the way. It took me six and a half hours to get back today. 400 miles yesterday and 351 today. I was conditioning myself for some rides I want to take real soon. I looked at the new Royal Star Venture by Yamaha and I like it a lot. I also looked at Victory Cycle's new cruiser and it is really unique. I will need to sell a few toys to get into a new one, but I think the rides will be more enjoyable. My new Fulmer full face helmet was really comfortable, but I need to do some neck exercises to accommodate the extra weight. I am reading my 63 new e-mails and trying to get my hearing to return to normal. I'll be back with a vengeance soon. Oh by the way, I forgot to take any pictures. I'll do that when Bebe rides with me next.

Writing well means never having to say, 'I guess you had to be there.' - Jef Mallett