Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Protect and To Serve

I really don't know how to tell you this and make you understand. The election is hardly over and already the handwriting is on the wall. In my former line of work we were sworn to protect and to serve. Most take this oath very seriously. Our government is choosing to ignore the constitution except when it serves their biased agenda. Old retired detectives who I know and respect are all wondering why people can't look past the persona and really listen to what is being said. Through the years we learned to keep up with what was said and what was not said. Both were important. In this post I am turning over the forum to a good friend of mine who is very good at remembering all the details and reminding us of those things some are choosing to forget. I hope you pay attention. David R. would like to remind you of the following:

To those who continue to denigrate Bush and to believe everything Obama is saying I submit the following:

Except for not being forceful enough with the Dems, who are now in total control, in stopping the problems with the banks, virtually all of which were instigated by the Dems, his unwillingness to do anything with the immigration problem, and his failure to stop the growth of government I thought Bush did a credible job.

In the long run, his pluses will outweigh his minuses. For all of his flaws, Bush is a man of honor who did what he thought was right, even if he was wrong, and who was guided in all he did by his Judeo/Christian principles. Even if one is not a Jew or a Christian, they are not a bad set of guidelines and are the same ones by which virtually all of the Founders scrupulously followed. Even ol' Ben Franklin, who was a Deist, forcefully recommended adherence to Judeo/Christian rules of life and stated that if the government leaders ever strayed from them, the Republic would not last.

And no, I don't hope Obama succeeds. Here's why. Even a cursory look at Obama should make you shudder. The Dems completely control Congress will run amok completely unfettered. This is a far more radical Congress than even that which existed during Jimmy Carter's tenure. If you remember, Carter and his Congress pretty well brought the country to its knees. He inherited a fairly stable economy when he took office. When he left 4 years later interest rates were 21%, inflation was running 12% a year, unemployment was almost 10%, the Panama Canal was given away and is now controlled by the Communist Chinese, and help to the Shah of Iran was refused because Carter thought the Ayatollah Khomeini was a nicer guy than the Shah. Carter and his Congress were also the ones who forced the Community Redevelopment Act down the throats of many banks. Strengthened by Clinton, it was the C.R.A., which required banks to make loans to mostly minorities who couldn't afford to pay them back and led to our current situation. We are still suffering from Carter.

So far as the current Congress, Pelosi has already cut the Republicans out of all decision making and even stopped their input to the decision makers. Republicans cannot even add amendments to Democrat sponsored bills, so don't count on the loyal opposition being able to stop or slow down the excesses. So much for "inclusion." Let run through a couple of things real quickly, just off of the top of my head: 1. Obama has stated that the "Constitution has many flaws." This is his stated opinion of the greatest legal document ever written. He finds the greatest flaws in the fact that it does not guarantee equality of outcome for the poorer classes. He intends to change this and thus change constitutional principles while ignoring economic principles and disregarding common sense. He won't be able to do it through the legal constitutional process by amending the Constitution so he will do it by appointing Supreme Court Justices who will ignore the intent and meaning of the Constitution to achieve the goals Obama is after. In fact, he has said he will appoint justices who will "break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution, at least as it's been interpreted." There are already four justices on the court who hand down opinions based on what they think is right rather than what the Constitution says, and it will only take one more. FDR did this to get many of his programs, all of which failed, through Congress, but FDR's manipulations will seem as child's play for what is coming. What is left of the rule of law, and it's not much at this point, will cease to exist altogether. I still believe that there is a very good chance that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president. That is the best example so far of his contempt for the Constitution. Remember, when his wife was asked about the controversy over his birth certificate, etc., her response was, "No law is going to keep my husband from being president." Think about that for a moment. She didn't affirm that he was born in Hawaii or that he didn't give up his citizenship when he moved to Indonesia or even just laugh and say, "Of course my husband was born in the U.S." She simply replied that no law, in this case the Constitution, was going to stop her husband from being president. She was right. This business with the courts has been an ongoing process for almost 50 years and I believe we are now at the tipping point. That's what makes Obama so dangerous. It has progressed to the point where four of the Supremes have publicly stated at different times that they consider international opinion and international law when deliberating about cases before them. Such actions on their part, which they have admitted to, are both a violation of the Constitution and a violation of their oaths. They should have been immediately removed from the bench, but no one cared. No one cares now. Obama is going to push us over the edge. 2. He is a consummate liar. He is not pathological as are Bill and Hillary, but quite deliberate with his lies. For example, he says that he "supports the 2nd Amendment", but has voted to ban all handguns, put a 500% confiscatory tax on all ammunition, ban all semi automatic weapons, allow an individual to possess no more than 100 rounds of ammunition, and many more such similar laws. He says that he has no association with Rashid Khalidi, a Columbia University professor, and only knows him to speak to him. In fact, he served on the Board of the Woods Fund with him and directed several grants to a pro-Palestinian group headed by Khalidi's wife. Khalidi is a known associate of terrorists. Furthermore, Khalidi used his contacts at Harvard to get Obama admitted to law school there because his grades did not meet standards. He also has held at least one political fund raiser for Obama. But, hey, Obama only knows him to speak with him. Who is Khalidi? For one thing, he was a director of the official PLO press agency WAFA in Beirut from 1976 to 1982, and his wife was an interpreter for the PLO during the same period. He has called for the destruction of Israel. I guess he just helped Obama get into Harvard by drawing his name out of a hat. Then there is Bill Ayers. You remember him. In 2001, while standing with his feet on an American flag, he said "I don't regret setting the bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." His group bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol, a police station, and various other places, killing several people.Obama says, "I don't really know him. He is just a guy in the neighborhood." Obama failed to mention that he had served on the board of the same Woods Fund with Ayers, had participated in several public panel discussions with him, and that Ayers and his wife, convicted terrorist Bernadine Dorhn, held Obama's first fund raiser for him at the Ayers' home. Just a guy in the neighborhood. Khalid Al Mansour aka Donald Warden is a black nationalist/separatist Muslim radical who is the U.S. representative of the Saudi prince, I forget his name, who offered 10 million dollars to Rudy Giuliani after 9/11 to help with damages. Obama denies even knowing who he is, yet Percy Sutton, Malcolm X's lawyer says that Al Mansour largely funded Obama while he was at Harvard. Al Mansour confirmed this information. Then there is the classic lie that he didn't know his pastor of 20 years, the man Obama called his "mentor", was a hate filled black separatist. These are just a very few examples of the many outright lies from Obama, but I want you to also remember that he has thus far spent over a million dollars to fight suits requiring him to release the long form of his birth certificate. The long form reveals where he was born, what doctor delivered him, and what hospital he was born in. Most people don't realize that when Obama was born, Hawaii allowed people to register out of state and out of country births there. The birth certificate which Obama has presented publicly is the same as the one issued by the State of Hawaii for people either born there or born elsewhere. In other words, there is no difference between the certificates. It is the long form which tells the tale and Obama does not want anyone to see it. That's not all he doesn't want us to see. He has sealed all of his hospital records, his medical records, his college records, his passport records, his scholarship records, and his student loan records. The Kenyan government has sealed all records there concerning Obama. Now why would the Kenyan government have any records on Obama? Perhaps because his grandmother and two half-brothers there have given statements that he was born in Kenya, which would make him ineligible for the Presidency by not being a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. If you are wondering why he would seal his passport records, I can give you an idea. Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 for three weeks. It is believed that he traveled with an Indonesian passport as Pakistan was a "No Go" country at the time and US citizens were generally prohibited from traveling there. The only way he could have gotten an Indonesian passport was if he was a citizen of Indonesia, where he lived as child for 4 or 5 years after being adopted by Lolo Sortero, an Indonesian citizen himself. Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship. Also, one cannot attend public school or be adopted into an Indonesian family without becoming an Indonesian citizen. Therefore, it is obvious that Obama was an Indonesian citizen at one time, even when he began college in the US. The rest of this gets a bit murky. We don't know if Obama's mother denounced his American citizenship upon marrying Sortero or just ignored the situation by making him an Indonesian citizen and not advising US authorities. He refuses to discuss the issue. If his mother denounced his citizenship, then he re-entered this country either an illegal alien or as a naturalized citizen, either of which disqualify him for the Presidency. We really don't know anything about this guy's history except what he has released. Other than two Pakistani roommates, we don't know who he ran around with in college, what clubs he belonged to, or even where he lived when he was attending Columbia...and he doesn't want us to know. This in itself is a form of dishonesty and Obama is fundamentally dishonest. 3. Obama has stated that he wants to put together "a new New Deal." He apparently doesn't learn from history. Hoover is usually criticized for being an uncaring Republican who was responsible for the Depression. Well, that's true only in that he was a Republican and he was partly responsible for the Depression. The fact was that Hoover was a liberal Republican and constantly used government to intervene in economic affairs. It was partly because of his interventions that the Depression occurred in 1929. When it did, he increased his "government can solve this" policies and things worsened. By 1932 when Roosevelt was elected, we were in the throes of a really bad depression, as was most of the rest of the world. Roosevelt took government intervention to a higher level, or lower depending upon one's point of view. He instituted the programs we all know about and all failed. In 1941 unemployment was slightly lower than in 1932, but only because of employment in all of the government work projects such as the C. C. C. While these programs put money in people's pockets, it was government money and did nothing to improve the economy.Obama wants to institute a New Deal on steroids. It won't work, either. As Reagan once said, "Government doesn't solve these kinds of problems. Government is the problem."Obama wants to take things even further by taking from those who produce and giving to those who don't. As he has said, it isn't "fair" to everyone who is not prosperous that those who are have so much. He wants to make us all equally miserable, though I am sure he doesn't see it that way. Nonetheless, that will be the result and that's why I hope he fails.

David R.

Barack Obama plans to issue an executive order on his first full day in office, directing the closing of Guantanamo Bay. He said he needs the money for new prisons to hold Democratic mayors and governors. Jay Leno