Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jousting at Windmills

I woke up with the full press of winter pollen assaulting my nasal passages. The winter winds bring Mountain Juniper pollen and my allergies react immediately. Sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, and congestion. I really didn't feel like staying up, but I knew I would probably feel better in the long run so I made the bed and put on my day clothes. I guess being tired physically makes you weary mentally. I feel like there is so much to say, but I'm feeling a little like old Don Quixote today. The windmills look very ominous to me, but my jousting seems a futile as punching the air. I can't believe what his Pompousness is doing, and I am disappointed that the Republicans are lying around like whipped dogs. He really doesn't need them to pass his socialist agenda, but I do wish they would at least nip at his heels every where he goes. With the Obama, Pelosi, Reid trinity we don't stand a chance. The fifty two percent who voted for him are firmly in control. The large majority of those voters couldn't even tell you who the vice president is. That really worries me. If the tables were reversed, the Dems would be lying, denying and making counter allegations so fast nothing would be passed, approved, or discussed. But the rules changed as soon as they took office and the fairness rules for procedure voted in by the Republicans to assure bipartisan participation were immediately voted out. So much for wanting to be fair. Their fairness proposals include censorship of the media. Even though talk radio and the Fox News Network are the only two sources for conservative thought, the Dems want to choke them off so all we can get are the sycophants from the rest of the media. Even if we manage to get sick enough of these boobs to vote them out at every opportunity in the future, we will still have years of undoing to reverse the unconstitutional legislation they are attempting to railroad through during these first months. We had better not lie quietly by and let this happen. We need to bombard D.C. with letters, calls, and e-mails demanding that those who we elected start acting like they have a backbone. If they won't then start looking for someone in your area who will and see that they get elected this next term.