Monday, November 10, 2008

Poetry Week

I hope you had a great weekend. I am going to be on the road this week and will not be able to field your comments. I thought I would do some advance posts to keep the scene changing for those who visit daily. These poems of mine have been posted previously, but I hope you enjoy them again. If you will read them aloud you will get more out of them. Poetry should be read aloud for maximum effect. I am suspending the comment feature on my blog until I return. Save your comments until you see me sign back on. I was on the road a lot during my career, and I wrote this poem to convey my feeling about being at home. I hope you can relate.


On the road I do not sleep,
but rather nap in fitful blocks of time.

I stare through darkness at some plastic box
with glowing luminescence red, or green.
11:47, 1:29, 2:33, 3:08.
Times I would not see if you were here,
or I was home.

I miss my nightly kiss.
Your whispered, “I love you.”
My signal day is done and all is well.

I’m free to sail upon night’s purple sea.
Outward turn my inward mind,
shed reality.
Wake refreshed at break of day.

But on the road,
night goes on and on.
Till groggily I rise,
stumble into day,
yawn, and rub my puffy eyes.
Find the nearest vendor of a caffeinated brew.
Stimulate my fog filled mind,
to imitate the energy
that seems to come so naturally
when I wake next to you.

Dennis Price