Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Surprises Here

I am sitting here this morning trying to come up with some emotion. I have none. I tried to reach some of you, encourage others, and I think to some degree I may have been successful. I am not at all surprised. Perhaps saddened would be a proper description of my mood. We apparently have a new President elect. The first hyphenated American to ever occupy the white house and I'm sure some social apologists have a great weight of guilt lifted from their shoulders. I'm also sure some who voted have no idea who the President elect is other than who they were told to vote for. I can tell you I would not have had much more emotion had the election gone the other way. If you noticed, my posts were not glowing recommendations for the other side, rather reasons for not choosing the Barack Hussein Obama. Not a real strong position from which to argue. I am an old law dog. I was educated in the South. I do not have great social standing. I am a Christian. None of these things qualify me to make believable or academically sound arguments to you about anything according to modern day standards. However, for thirty years I dug through the trash of our society without regard for race, religion, or social standing and I learned a thing or two most outside the field don't know. While I was kicking doors and taking names, I saw what goes on behind those doors. I lost my naivete. I learned to look beyond what could be seen on the surface and I learned to listen to what was not being said. I knew a lot of things other people don't know and I couldn't let them know. I presented sound evidence in court and watched well meaning jurors wearing rose colored glasses ignore the facts and turn felons loose. I am jaded. When I retired, the political gag was lifted as were the shackles of politically and socially correct speech so in vogue today. I will pray for our new President elect, and for our country. I put great stock in the power of prayer. I have no crystal ball, and I can't predict the future, but I know the one who controls it all, and I feel certain there is a reason for the apparent blindness of many of our people.
This was sent to me as a humorous depiction of where I might be this morning. I think it might be better applied to some of you who voted Democrat. It might be a look into the future after you've spent two years under the thumb of President elect Obama and his entourage. I don't plan to move an inch. Google might cut me off. I understand they donated heavily to the Obama campaign. I'm not mad at anyone, puzzled, but not mad. Many problems still need our attention and input. I think we should all watch what goes on in D. C. and become very active in communicating our feelings and ideas to our elected representatives. If they don't do what we sent them there to do, then impeach them or defeat them at the ballot box. I hope the fog lifts in this once great country of ours. I'm Pappy and I approve this message.

The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum. -
Havelock Ellis