Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Bail Outs

Ahhhh C'mon! My teeth are on edge this morning. I just read where our concerned governmental representatives have slipped a little 25 billion dollar subsidized loan past us while we were carping over the 700 billion dollar Wall Street/Banking Industry bailout. This one is for U. S. Automakers. The loan is allegedly for research and development of more fuel efficient / alternate energy automobiles. This is simply unconstitutional. The U. S. government has no constitutional authority to do this. Why can't these giants deal with their poor management practices and dismal failures the way you and I would? No one runs to my aid when I make bone-headed decisions. I pull in my horns and start over from scratch. These thieves have always taken the path of least resistance in research and development. As long as gas was plentiful and people would buy the same gas guzzling automobile, with minor cosmetic changes, year after year that's what they gave us. They stifled anyone who challenged their fiefdom with their considerable wealth and influence. I am of the opinion they bought out and destroyed technology designed to improve gas mileage to maintain their kingly financial status. I wouldn't doubt people who could have provided evidence of these practices were killed by the industries' co-horts from organized crime who run the labor unions. Our editor in the Valley Morning Star editorial this morning says: "Doling out heaps of sugar to the auto companies illustrates one of the many dangers inherent in the Wall Street bailout. If the government can use taxpayers' money to bail out Wall Street, it makes it easier to justify bailing out other industries in trouble. Just three weeks ago, the auto company loan proposal was controversial with mixed prospects at best. But amid the chaos of last week, it passed with barely a murmur. Even as taxpayer resources dwindle, more interests will be clamoring for special treatment or "free"money, and there will be no principled reasons to deny them." (See the attached link on my sidebar for the Valley Morning Star and read the entire editorial) These strong arm practices have been going on for a long time. In 1948 Preston Tucker designed and built a truly innovative automobile called the Tucker Torpedo. The big three automakers in conjunction with Detroit Senator Homer Ferguson conspired and ran him out of business. The role of crooked and greedy politicians remains the same today. Inventor Robert Kearns approached the Ford motor company with a design for an intermittent windshield wiper assembly. Ford was not interested, but later came out with the same design which also mysteriously made its way into the hands of the other automakers. After years of legal wrangling and personal loss, Ford and Chrysler were ordered to pay Kearns 30 million dollars for the design they stole. Why should the U. S. taxpayer be saddled with bailing out these corrupt corporations? Show me in the U. S. Constitution where the government has the right to do this. While losing money over the last year, these auto giants gave their unionized workers lavish pension plans. If the people who represent us are too crooked to do the job they were elected to do then we should recall them. We should flood their offices with demands to re-structure their lavish pension plans and make the provisions of a more sensible plan retroactive. We should boycott these major banks and corporations until they fold. We could do it if we acted collectively. I think there are enough right thinking Americans in this country to pull it off. The other side has media support, but we can turn off televisions and radios, or change them to stations that carry programing designed to edify and benefit the American public.
The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time. - George Bernard Shaw