Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Voting Today

I am voting today. Please alert the media. I know many of you faithful readers will follow my trip to the polls with great interest. I will not be available for interviews. To those who are members of the Opposition Obstructionist Party, your little bumps and bruises will heal as I have declared a cease fire for a few days. I suggest dissolving Epsom Salts in warm water to bathe your wounds. It has been a strange political year here in the Kingdom of Odd. Voting to keep someone out of office has never been my favorite political position, however, I am forced to do so in some election years. I think on occasion of Alaska. I visited there several years ago and found it to be a wild and unconquered land. The people hang on in small pockets mostly near the coast. I loved the scenery, but I don't think I would make a good Alaskan. I wrote a poem when I got back to sum up some of my impressions. I hope you enjoy it. Watch the major networks for coverage of me casting my ballot.

Lonely Maiden

rarely seen
except in silhouette.

Your calls are heard
across the frigid sea.

The summer light
shines on your wrinkled face.

We are not turned away,
but drawn.

Those who stay, cling to you
with tenuous
but determined grip.

Some persevere,
others wane.
Many look and sail away.

Haunted by your charms.


There art two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness. - Franz Kafka