Friday, October 3, 2008

Draining the Swamp

When you are up to your neck in alligators, it's hard to remember your main objective is to drain the swamp. In the interest of not offending anyone, let me say I don't hate all Democrats. I live in northern Mexico and the majority of voters here are Democrats. I have relatives who are Democrats, I have worked for Democrats, and yes, I even voted for Democrats as late as this year. Sometimes you don't have a choice. I know many good people who claim to support the national agenda of the Democrats. I know they are deluded, but I can't do anything for them. Lest you think I'm a lock step Republican, I direct you to my post of June, 1, 2008 entitled, "What Track Are You Taking?" In this post I copied my letter of February 27, 2008 to the leaders of the Republican National Committee. I hope you read it. In it I cited my reasons for not giving to the Republicans this year. I also bad-mouthed the person they eventually chose as their candidate. I still feel the same way, but I can't vote for the candidates of the Democrats. They are dangerous. I have tried to provide evidence of their lack of leadership, their questionable political funding, their left wing (socialist) voting records, their love of big government with its inherent meddling in our lives, and the great body of provable evidence of their role in our current economic mess. I also highlighted their embracing of every fringe group in America regardless of how bizarre their behavior in an effort to get votes. Democrats are masters of getting people who can't even function on an elementary school level, and who have no idea what they are voting for or against, to register and vote. They invent voters, they raise the dead, they obstruct, they lie, deny, and make counter allegations when faced with evidence of their wrong doings. But, when anyone with facts in hand and the best interest of this great Country of ours at heart presents these facts, here is the reaction:
I am done. No more pearls of valuable information thrown into the pig pen. If we are not successful in defeating the Dems in November, I predict the biggest scandal filled administration this country has ever seen. You will be embarrassed to call yourself an American. Now that is saying something when you consider what our current national politicians have shown they are capable of. You will rue the day you blindly joined the band wagon to satisfy your need to apologize for some nebulous socio-political perceived injustice. I do not share your guilt. I will not come back and say, "I told you so", because it will be too late. I know what roll the Republicans played in concert with the Democrats to bring our great country to our knees, but as bad as they have been, or may be, they pale in comparison with their fellow thieves, the Democrats. It is abysmal to say we must vote for the lesser of two evils, but I'm afraid we're left with no option short of revolution. I do think we can literally clean house and demand our representatives put our country ahead of all other agendas. We can crush special interest groups, protected classes, affirmative action, racism, and hyphenated Americans and get back to being unified despite our differences.

You can respond if you like, but this was more about firing my last volley in hopes that some of you will wake up and smell the gun powder. We must regain control of this runaway "Greed" train. That's why I opposed and still oppose any kind of bail out. I would rather loose everything I have and live to see those traitors on Wall Street, Banking, and Government hung in front of the White House for all to see than to see any of them get our hard earned and often wasted tax payer dollars. If we took that money proposed for the bail out and gave it to every man and woman in this country over 18 years of age, even after taxes, it would amount to several hundred thousand dollars each. More than enough to pay off every reasonable mortgage in America. I hope you heed the warning. Our legislative garden is full of weeds, and we have a sharp hoe. Let's use it.

We could probably save thousands of tax payer dollars if we just cancelled the so called debates. These pablum filled, self serving forums make me want to hurl. I'm hoping to return to more creative and family oriented interests after today. Get mad. Vote America.