Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feed Me

Be lazy for a day or two and you will see what I mean. The blog machine must be fed. I've been doing the blog light version for a couple of days and the questions about my health and mental well being are starting to roll in. I'm on a little sabbatical. Lots of folks dealing with misery from storms and the such like and I didn't want to appear too whimsical for a day or two anyway. We had a pretty good rain yesterday as a cold front pushed through the Valley. Today the morning temps were in the low sixties. That is parka weather here. I sure enjoyed feeling the crispness in the air. I took a ride on my motorcycle this afternoon to keep the battery charged up. It is almost ready for a long ride. I put a taller sissy bar on it yesterday. It will hold my luggage when I go out for a week or two. I'm almost through breaking in my new rear tire, so Bebe and I should be making some short trips to get used to riding double. You could be hearing the big V-twin roaring through your neighborhood someday real soon.

I will put my mind back in gear tomorrow, but until I do, think on the quote below.

The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest. -
Kilgore Trout