Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Prohibited Zone

Many venues, (poetry contests, writing contests, etc.) ask you to submit items that have no political or religious reference. I would say if you are interested in people saying they like you, this is a safe way to go. However, if you like your eggs with a little salt, pepper, and hot sauce this formula will not be satisfying for very long. I don't like to stay on any one subject for too long, but I do like stirring the pot occasionally to let people feel the passion trapped inside. Many have been suppressed at work and home for so long, they bubble over when given the opportunity, and write long and many times entertaining commentary. Blogging is a fairly safe venue. This blog is open to views from the opposition. I don't guarantee they will pass without rebuttal, but I do not base my relationship with my readers (whatever that is in this shadow world of blogging) on their opinions. I do make one caveat here; If your religious beliefs or political stance threatens the life or well being of my family or country all bets are off. Otherwise, as I read the U.S. Constitution, you are free to form your own opinions and should not feel any obligation to apologize to me or anyone else for having them. I post all commentary if it is presented in a civilized tone. If I see we are falling into a lull of interest, I try and find topics I know people have expressed strong opinions on in daily conversation. I then try to present them with some humor and with enough explanation to cement the point I'm trying to make. Judging by the comment numbers and interaction of commenters with each other, I would say the practice has been successful. I know many people who read blogs and don't make comment. Sometimes I get e-mails from those who don't want their opinions aired in the global forum. I usually have to do some type of exercise akin to getting into an acting role to re-create some passionate feeling I had when things were in the now. I am very much an, action at the time of occurrence, individual. Once the impetus is gone, I get over things quickly. I do laugh at your rebuttal on occasion, and occasionally I moan when I know you missed the point, but I enjoy the interaction. I am firm in most opinions I've formed over long years of experience, but I am not closed to solid information on any subject. I have made changes in stances when I've been shown that I erred in my original conclusions (very rare). So, thank you for your patience and your participation when I wander into the prohibited zones. All of you enrich my life. Pappy (aka Cranky Pants)

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. - Charles Mackay