Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Winner

has proclaimed me the winner of her summer book giveaway. Last week I entered to win Lief Enger's book, So Brave, Young, and Handsome. It sounded so much like it was written for me; I was compelled to enter. O.K., one out of three's not bad. Yesterday, on the birthday of our great nation, I received notification I won. I did request that my name be placed on a full sized sheet of paper and folded in half for the drawing, but bookbabie said my shameless request was denied and the drawing was held under the highest standards and strictest rules. If you haven't visited bookbabie yet, you should. It is a blog where great writing, reviews, and a variety of new things to participate in, are the order of the day. Thanks again. (And special thanks to Mr. bookbabie who actually put the magnet in the hat and drew out the only tin foil entry.) I will read it as soon as it arrives and let you know my take on it when I've finished.

I always wondered where the well dressed pirate shopped. Well, Johnny Depp has answered that question for us with the blatant display of the Adidas label at the side of his stylish do rag.

The reserve of modern assertions is sometimes pushed to extremes, in which the fear of being contradicted leads the writer to strip himself of almost all sense and meaning. - Sir Winston Churchill