Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hurricane Relief

Texas Baptist Men - Disaster Relief Group. I hope I got the name right. I am a Texas Baptist, and I am a man, but I am not an official member of this group of dedicated men, and their wives, who respond to help others whenever and where ever disaster strikes. These are volunteers from all over the State of Texas who donate their time to help those who are in need of necessary services after disaster strikes. This group is preparing meals to be distributed by the Red Cross to folks who are still without power, funds, and necessary services following hurricane Dolly.
If you wondered why you were not receiving the usual return banter in the comments section yesterday, it is because I was being worked into a salty puddle by these good folks who were set up in the parking lots of our church. They have cooking teams from all over the state who have their own equipment and who set up to cook when others can't. These groups were from East Texas, and the Dallas area churches. They will be here through this weekend and maybe into next week. In addition to cooking teams, they have teams to do crisis counseling, debris removal, flood cleanup, and a variety of other needed services. Many are retired, but some take vacation time from their chosen vocations to help out.

I volunteered to help for about four hours yesterday, and I had no trouble going to sleep last night. Outside temperatures here are in the high nineties with major humidity and mosquitoes. They served 16,000 meals from this location the first day. I'm not sure of yesterday's count, but I'm sure it was close to the same number.
They are about to start this morning preparing for the noon meal. As soon as I finish this and get some coffee and a breakfast taco, I intend to return and give them some help. We can say "Thank you God for saving us.", by giving back to our fellowmen in time of need. This is one of the most valuable services provided by our denomination.

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