Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dream Rhyme

The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. - Frank Herbert

The world of dreams is one of those areas where the subconscious mind takes over during our REM sleep cycle and re-enacts all the mental encounters we have previously experienced. We don't understand a lot about the process, but much study is being done in this area. It seems to be a stress relief mechanism for our bodies. People who abuse drugs and alcohol sometimes bypass REM sleep for days on end. The result is a condition called delirum tremens or the DTs when the dreams happen while the person is awake. It is difficult in most cases to remember dreams, but sometimes they are of sufficient strength and content to wake us up, and in those times we sometimes recall what we have dreamed. The dreams I've had rarely made sense, but I can sometimes identify an incident that may have been the root. I couldn't tell you if we dream in a mono-chrome world, or whether we see them in technicolor.

I wrote the following poem to illustrate the process in a monochrome blue world.

Dream Catcher

Seeping into consciousness from
the land of Koala Queue,
a tangled mass of mystery
appears from the mist of Roo.

From a eucalyptus canopy,
where all the leaves are blue,
comes the answer to your
riddle in electro-coded goo.

The blue Koala’s whisper
travels on a turquoise wind,
and synaptic gaps convey his
thoughts to the place where
yours begin.