Saturday, June 28, 2008

Writer's Block

What to write...what to write? I've been up all night trying to come up with an idea. I just started doing this for relaxation and a way to stimulate my mind everyday. I never knew there would be such notoriety attached. Now they'll be expecting...Hemingway every morning. They have no idea how my limits were stretched during the last few days. First a six hour trip to my mother's house in west Texas to celebrate her 88th birthday. We have to call ahead and plan every minute of the visit with her so she will stay out of the kitchen. We also took her grandchildren and great grandchildren with us. We decided to stay a day and a half so as not to tire her out. When we arrived after lunch the house was filled with the smell of something baking. My wife checked the kitchen and reported that a large peach cobbler was in the oven. We had purchased a small birthday cake at a local bakery before we got there. I said, "Mom, we are taking you out to eat tonight and we brought the cake, why are you baking a cobbler?" To which she replied, "We can eat cobbler now. Would you like coffee with that?" So an hour before dinner we had a large bowl of cobbler with vanilla ice cream melted on top. I told you I would be accountable to you in my program to loose weight and I will. I was worried about going to Sea World San Antonio the next day. I was afraid if I fell in the water, I would not be allowed to leave, but would be included in the Shamu show. I did not sleep well the first night and before noon the next day we broke camp and our caravan moved on. Travelling with a two year old, and a five month old is like moving a carnival.

We arrived in San Antonio as planned, and found that one of the two rooms we booked was not ready according to the front desk. After spending two hours jammed into one room, I roared into the hall and grabbed the first English speaking person in a uniform I could find and asked nicely why the adjoining room had not been cleaned up. The nice lady informed me that it had been cleaned at the same time as ours and it was the fault of the front desk for not knowing it was ready. I was then on a mission to see that justice was served. At two hundred dollars a night per room, I figured I was entitled to an audience with the manager. After a little behind closed doors session, I emerged with the keys to the other room, and free breakfasts for four adults for the duration of our stay. I thought my efforts had been poorly compensated until I went to breakfast the next morning and found that the breakfast buffet was fifteen dollars per person.

The trip to the theme park is rich with observations for another post. The little ones did very well, and I maintained my composure throughout despite the damage done to my teeth and internal organs. I then had to rush home and do my yard so the yard men I fired two weeks ago could see how much better it looked now that I was in charge. I don't know how long to make them suffer before I re-hire them. So you see, the award and all has really come at a time when I was mentally and physically down. I'm afraid to re-cycle older posts because some of you have actually read many of them. As Lone Wadie said in the movie, Outlaw Josey Wales, "I will endeavor to persevere."

About the time we think we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends. - Herbert Hoover