Thursday, June 5, 2008


Some photos might not be suitable for small children. After reviewing the photos we took on our vacation trip to Akumal, MX, I found one shot of me coming out of Akumal Bay with my fins and mask in hand. Barbara took the picture while standing on the seawall above me. I was impressed by the photo; impressed to go on a serious training program that is. About the only arena where I would not immediately be recognized as a non-athlete, would be in the grand parade at a Sumo wrestling event. Therefore I am proclaiming the starting point in my quest to re-shape, and re-define, the ectomorphic figure I have become. You are my accountability team. I will not show the "before" picture until I have the "after" picture to go along with it. This may take more time than some of you have to wait, but Rome wasn't destroyed in a day.I'm hoping to be able to once again take nature photos without having to hide in the tall grass. I have a desire to see my belts again. I really don't like tight clothing. It is embarassing to be asked to step on the scales at airports to see if there is any extra charge for travel. I will need to start counting tortillas and lay off of the nachos for a while. My son-in-law just set up a gym in his garage so I may go over and use the equipment there. If there is a break in my posting, it may be due to the inability to raise my arms to the keyboard. Please keep checking by because I will be back when the pain subsides.
I have a dream. No, not that dream. I have a dream where I leave the comfort of Fatville and cross the narrow bridge over the Cholesterol River into the Land of Lean. I always wake up before I get to the end of the bridge. I would like to stay asleep until this is over, but that has been part of the problem. I may build a sweat lodge in the back yard and rid my body of toxins and evil (fat) spirits. I will keep you posted on my progress. That's all for right now, Barb wants me to take her to lunch.

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist. Mae West

Will power is the ability to eat one salted peanut.