Saturday, May 10, 2008


In this print by Currier and Ives there are more animals present than one might think at first glance. If you are into exercises of this nature, you might want to try and find them. I use the print to illustrate my current thoughts on blogging. Some of you have stopped with your daily contributions, but continue to visit those sites you enjoy. Others are trying to fit in and gain readers. The fox in the print is puzzled. The print itself is a puzzle. I think the same is true of our blogging efforts. I not making judgements in this piece, I'm just thinking on cyber-paper. I started out to force myself to write some everyday. My secondary goal was to let a group of total strangers, for the most part, read some of my work. Beyond that, I didn't know enough about blogging to have an idea of what to expect. I didn't know if there was protocol, I had no idea what a meme was, I had never seen a blog until I started this one, and I sure didn't know whether comments were expected on every visit. I know many more people visit my blog than leave comments because I installed a counter after the first month or so. I'm still experimenting. I like to take blog trips occasionally and see what others are doing, but I don't always feel compelled to leave a comment. I usually do, because I know how nice it is to have other people tell you how talented you are. But, sometimes I just like to sneak in and sneak out. Probably trying to re-live some aspect of my former profession.
Here are my newest thoughts on the blogging scene. I will probably stop participating in photo days. I'm not a photographer, and I think it waters down what I am trying to do. Now, I'm probably going to sneak around and look at the pictures of those photographers I enjoy. I like it when you have something on your blog you would like for me to see, and I especially like it when you ask me to come by and look at it. I think that helps me save time. If you think I'd like it tell me. If you enjoy engaging in banter with me on things I write about, I will oblige you. I am going to try and pre-post some lite items for the next few days as I will not be in front of the old computer until after next Wednesday. I am also going to de-activate the comment feature for these days to keep my inbox from exploding. I will reactivate when I return. The comments feature will be on through Saturday.