Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just a chip off the old Grand-Block

While I was out tinkering with my motorcycle the other day I got to wondering why my kids don't like to leave the grandchildren with me for extended periods of time. I guess its my less than sophistocated taste in clothes, cars, and motorcycles that gives them pause. I once bought a 1964 Chevy 3/4 ton pick-up truck from my barber for two hundred and fifty dollars. It was green with a black hood and had a large chrome swan for an ornament on the front. The bed was rotted and missing in places, and the copper brake line that once fed the brakes on a fifth wheel trailer stuck up through a hole near the old trailer hitch. When my wife saw it, she told me I couldn't park it in front of her house. My grandson came over the other night and we had some quality time together. I took this picture during bath time.

I was showing him how to get the girls attention. He is such a quick learner. When the girls got home we showed them our new routine. It sure got their attention. I haven't been on the baby sitting list lately. I hope he doesn't get behind.