Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going to the Show

I don't know how they talked where you grew up, but in Mississippi we called the Movie Theater a "Show." If your mom or dad asked (and they usually did), "Where do you kids think your going?", we might respond, "We're all going to the show." If you were from a small town like me, there was probably only one theater. No twenty one screen megaplex jobs like we have today. If you didn't like what was showing, you just had to wait a week or two. Popcorn and a Coke didn't cost twenty dollars, and many of the old theaters had balconies. There were real ushers to seat you (or at least help with seating) and they watched for unruly patrons. The ushers or managers would escort people out of the theater if they failed to comply with the rules. I had to present that background information for some who never enjoyed those pleasant days of yesteryear.

The Lay of The Land

The cowboy lay across four seats
at a local picture show.
The patrons thought it rude of him
and said he had to go.

They called the usher on him
to make him settle down.
They said he groaned and snorted
each time he moved around.

The usher told him, “Sir,
you can only use one seat,
and if you can’t be quiet
I’ll show you to the street.”

The cowboy didn’t budge an inch.
Like he didn’t understand.
He just lay there making noises
with his hat clutched in his hand.

A Texas Ranger got the call
and came to end this game.
“I’ll only ask you only once my friend,
where you’re from and what’s your name?”

The cowboy slowly raised his head
and said so painfully,
“Sir, my name is Sam
and I’m from the balcony.”