Sunday, February 17, 2008


I usually laugh at myself when I manifest some classic sign of aging, whether recognized in public, or in front of the mirror at home. Things I used to recognize in others who qualified as elders, I now see in myself. Just remember (if you can), all who continue to live will reach this recognizable stage of life. I hope you can continue to laugh as the inevitable overtakes you. The really humorous part is your mind rarely see you as the mirror does.

No More Vent Windows

I drive through the Historic District
and realize I grew up there.

At a recent business meeting
a young associate says,
“Pawpaw, I think that’s your beeper going off.”

A guy cuts me off in traffic today.
I call him a “moron”,
but realize by modern standards
it is not harsh enough.

In my younger days
I would have chased him down
and jerked his pointy head through
the vent window.

There are no more vent windows.

Aging Memories

The century old sage
sat his old Farmall cub
stroked his gray stubbled beard
stained with tobacco juice.

“Everything’s changed
Ain’t nothin’ the same
‘cept the tractor,
the house,
and the barn.”

He grinned and spat.
“Got no teeth, but still chew.”
His old red tractor
chugged, sputtered, and squeaked
much like he did.
Slowly, memories came.

Memories of childhood
clearer than yesterday.
The house as it once was.
His life as a young man.
Those in his family now
all passed away.

“Everything’s changed
ain’t nothin’ the same
‘cept the tractor,
the house,
and the barn.”